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​A friendly reminder of our boarding policies:

  • Pets must be checked in at the front office prior to them being taken to the boarding facility.

  • Please allow 15-20 minutes for the check-in process to be completed.

  • Lakeside provides all the necessities for your pet while they are boarding. We allow you to bring items from home, but Lakeside does not assume responsibility for them (Medications and food are exceptions) Please ensure you get all personal items at the time you are picking up.

  • Boarding for pets picking up on Sunday must be prepaid at the time of drop off. There is a fee for picking up on Sunday. The pick-up time is 4:30.

  • Baths are done the morning of pick-up. If you choose this option, please plan to pick up after 2pm.

  • Please bring medications in their original prescription bottles and processed through the front office. The kennel staff cannot give medications that have not been properly checked in.

  • If your pet(s) have received vaccines from another clinic, proof should be provided prior to
    dropping off.

  • The kennel cough vaccine is required to be given a minimum of 2 weeks prior to boarding. We encourage other required vaccines be given prior to boarding. They can be given at the time of drop-off, but additional time may be needed to complete the drop-off process.

Once you have read and understand our policies please check the box
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