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We know that when it comes to your pet's surgery it is easy to become stressed or overwhelmed, which is why we strive to provide comfort for not only your pet, but for you as well. Our team of doctors and technicians are trained and experienced for a broad range of surgeries and can ensure you that your pet will be safe and comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.


Our highly trained doctors and staff can perform procedures that range from spays/neuters to an array of orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries. There isn't much we haven't seen at Lakeside Animal Hospital, and if there is, our team is ready and prepared to reach their goal of saving your pet. 

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What about pricing?

Since every pet is different, every price may be different too! We cannot determine the total amount of your pets surgery, but we can provide estimates for most surgical services! Give us a call today and we can answer any questions you have!

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